Untitled Floating Mom Short

The strengths of UNTITLED FLOATING MOM SHORT are in its oddness. Director/writer Aidan Guynes delivers a film that circumvents a lot of accepted modern standards to create something that is interesting to watch and leaves you with something to think about after the credits roll.

The movie focuses on the issues of a teenage girl whose mother has suddenly started floating in their living room. Rather than make this the focus of the film (labeled as a drama but I would go so far as to label it almost as an absurdist comedy), the director treats this as an almost mundane occurrence, and that is quickly reinforced by several other events being described just as off-handedly.

The movie is fun, first and foremost, and is a great in-and-out movie for a film festival or quick YouTube watch (if it makes it on there at some point, but hopefully gets more fruitful distribution first). The comedic bits hit and the movie flows well despite the offbeat nature of the material. One interesting design choice was to present the movie in an older 4:3 (or possibly square) format, all while commenting on the oversaturated nature of modern television news and social media. It’s juxtapositions like this that add an interesting quirk to the movie that also visually prepares the viewer that what they’re about to see is just a little different.

Overall great production value, the acting from everyone involved is solid, and in general the movie is an eccentric and, as stated before, fun watch.

Untitled Floating Mom Short
Untitled Floating Mom Short | July 29, 2022 (United States) Summary: A teen girl finds her mom floating one day.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English

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