Look Into The Fire

LOOK INTO THE FIRE, directed and written by Tim Morrill is a thriller that feels a lot like the original FLATLINERS movie, but instead of dealing with themes of death (at least not in the way that movie does), it focuses on the ideas behind dreams and memories, especially the repressed memories plaguing the main character, Adam Spencer (played by Artie Shase). Taking an experiment too far is a familiar storyline seen in many sci-fi and thriller films, but Morrill concocts a well-paced and well thought out plot.

There are times when the audio, especially some of the foley sounds, don’t really hit the mark, but it’s serviceable overall. The acting is hit or miss depending on the scene, but Shase really shows his chops here as a reliable lead actor.

The movie deals with some heavy themes, with the main character wanting to understand how to read people’s memories to determine if criminals are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and they’re handled with a combination of sensitivity and altruism. A few of the plot hooks come across as very convenient (a test subject backing out at the last minute and their professor allowing them to test on themselves instead seems very unrealistic, but I’m in for the ride, so let’s go).

There’s a lot of unevenness in LOOK INTO THE FIRE, but the writer/director gets their point across in an entertaining way. I enjoy watching these characters. I want Adam to succeed in proving his hypothesis and achieving his goals, even when his obsession begins to break him down. As his repressed memories surface, he and his classmates work to piece together the mystery of his mind. On that note, the chemistry between the actors playing the classmates working with him on his science project have great chemistry, both separately as a group, and together with Shase’s character.

Look Into The Fire
Look Into the Fire | December 2022 (United States) Summary: A group of neuropsychology graduate students work to unlock the potential of the brain. One student, Adam, takes his lab work too far. When his self-induced experiment goes wrong, he unwitti... Read all
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English

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