Two For The Road

TWO FOR THE ROAD is an intimate look at the relationship between an Irish father and son directed and written by Lochlainn McKenna starring Steve Wall and Ewan Morris.

The first thing to point out about this film is the cinematography. Shot on 16mm film, this short feels like a home movie at times. The handheld shakiness of the camera accentuates this feeling as it roams across the Irish countryside and hills where it was shot (Beara Peninsula Co Cork & Co Kerry, Ireland). The colors are warm even when the sky outside is bleak. The scene where the father and son visit a local pub shows off that warmness exceptionally well (great music in that scene too).

It becomes clear that the journey that young Oscar and his father are on is not all joy and laughter but marred by the occasional bad decisions of someone struggling with substance abuse problems. It’s revealed that Oscar is the child of divorce, and that his dad’s visits are occasional weekend excursions that Oscar is told to keep to himself so Oscar’s mom will allow them both to continue seeing each other.

There’s a lot to unpack from the short 18 minutes we get with the father and son. It’s a story any child of divorce that spent any amount of time with a parent with issues can probably relate to. The acting from Wall and Morris is exceptional, and you really do get the feeling of a familial closeness between them. The score and music choices are quintessentially Irish and fits the tone and locale of the film. Foreign viewers will feel immersed in the time period and location of this film easily. TWO FOR THE ROAD is a fantastic example of a slice-of-life short film with a distinct voice that makes a story set in a foreign country feel like it happened in your own family.

Two For The Road
Two for the Road | July 15, 2023 (Ireland) Summary: Amidst spontaneous travels around 1990s Ireland, Oscar, a young boy, finds himself navigating the true essence of adventure and chaos with his father, one spirited weekend away at a time.
Countries: IrelandLanguages: English

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