JJ Pollack pulls off in JETTISON what the folks that made “The Outer Limits” and “The Twilight Zone” tried and succeeded to do week after week. In just 10 short minutes we are introduced to a wonderful main character, Rebka (played by Madison Wilson) and an interesting story told in a unique and enticing way.

Pollack creates an entire sci-fi story that feels both futuristic and grounded at the same time. Using simple VFX shots along with practical sets, Pollack is able to present something that feels emotionally compelling and familiar.

Focusing on a soldier being sent to fight a war on a distant planet, JETTISON is a great character study of regret, loss, and grief.

As previously noted, the VFX used are simple, which is to the advantage of the story, focusing more on the characters than any sort of real futuristic technology or stunning visuals usually included in sci-fi spectacles. In fact, the entire story was presented in black and white, an odd but refreshing choice for a story like this.

Madison Wilson’s Rebka is dynamic. Her eyes telling the story as much as the scripted words coming out of her mouth are. She makes the viewer feel connected to her throughout the movie. First, as she joins the military to get off of Earth and escape her roots, then to finish her tour, and finally, when we last see her as a grizzled veteran, we realize that she has nothing left to fight for and is just going through the motions until she eventually dies. The story in that context is familiar to anyone who comes from a small town and uses the military’s promises of travel and adventure to escape.

The score was subtle, and the bits in the film that were devoid of score, or extraneous sound made every other detail stand out.

Overall, JETTISON stands as one of my favorite sci-fi indie dramas (as shorts go anyway) that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing over the last few years.

Jettison | October 21, 2021 (United States) Summary: A restless young woman ships off to fight an interstellar war, only to struggle with the effects of being cut off from her home by both time and space.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English

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