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Mythomania 2 – Black Raven

A dark comedy about a cartoonist named Tony, who is so ill-mannered and cowardly, he's trying to pawn his unwanted girlfriend on his friends. At the same time, he begins to see his childhood superhero creation, Black Raven, step out of his comic book into his reality. Is Tony hallucinating? Or is there something deeper afoot?
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P-Word Pizza

Directed in a highly stylized manner, P-Word Pizza recounts the meeting between an overweight, self-absorbed, delusional delivery boy and a group of Asian mobsters. A thought provoking film explores vulgar and taboo issues - racism, homophobia, sizeism, crime - thus awaking both discomfort and amusement. The story is infused with references to societal stereotypes and seamlessly interlinking the delivery boy's wide-eyed innocence and the Asian gangster's mockery. The director strength lies in the way she combines snappy dialog, gangster glorification, humor, pop culture, daring racial typecasting and social references can be seen as an homage to Tarantino.
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The Guerilla Filmmaker’s Pocketbook

IF YOU'VE NEVER MADE A FILM BEFORE, THIS AMAZING BOOK WILL TELL YOU: * How other young film makers made their first movie and found massive success * How to take your great ideas and turn them into great films * How to build a team to make your movie now * How to harness cheap technology to make expensive looking films * How to avoid hundreds of pitfalls many other film makers will fall into * How to find audiences and even make money from your movie Veterans of the indie film scene, the authors have produced numerous low budget feature films, sold projects to Hollywood studios, come perilously close to an Oscar nomination, and even ended up in prison! They're also the team behind the best selling Guerilla Film Makers Handbooks series, selling over 100,000 copies around the world and they've taught thousands of emerging film makers the key skills needed to make their own great movies to launch a career. Their offices are at Ealing Studios in London and in Los Angeles.


When I first heard about Flixup, a new iPhone app that just been released, my first thought was, “oh boy how do they expect to compete with the slew of other movie-related iPhone apps that are out there?”. But I figured I’d give it a try anyway, and you know what? I was pleasantly surprised […]

Before Tomorrow

Two isolated families meet for a summertime celebration. Food is abundant and the future seems bright, but Ningiuq, a wise old woman, sees her world as fragile and moves through it with a pervasive sense of dread. Ningiuq and her grandson Maniq are dropped off on a remote island, where, every year, the family dries the catch and stores it for winter. The task is soon finished. As summer turns to fall, they wait in vain for the others to pick them up.
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An Unlikely Weapon

In 1968, in 1/500th of a second Eddie Adams photographed a Saigon police chief, General Nygoc Loan, shooting a Vietcong guerrilla point black. Some say that photograph ended the Vietnam war. The photo brought Eddie fame and a Pulitzer, but Eddie was haunted by the man he had vilified. He would say, "Two lives were destroyed that day, the victim's and the general." Other's would say three lives were destroyed. Eddie Adams, like most artists, was tortured by his need for perfection. Nothing he did ever satisfied him. He carved out many careers shooting covers for Life, Time, and even Penthouse. Yet, somehow, he was always pulled back into documenting wars, 13 all together. Finally he hit the wall and couldn't take it anymore. He began shooting celebrities because "It doesn't take anything from you." Eddie was comfortable with kings and coal miners. During his time with Parade magazines he photographed Clint Eastwood, Louis Armstrong, Mother Teresa, and Pope John Paul.
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White On Rice

40-year-old Jimmy is growing up, or at least he's getting older. While mooching the upper bunk of his ten-year-old nephew's bed, he enjoys the never-ending generosity of his sister Aiko, and dodges the wrath of his impatient brother-in-law Tak. He thinks that if only he could get married all his problems would be solved. But when he falls head over heels for Tak's niece things only go from bad to worse.
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Heart Of Stone

Before 1960, the Weequahic section of Newark, NJ, was largely an enclave of first-generation working-class Jewish families. During this era, Weequahic High School graduated more PHDs than any other school in the United States. One of its more famous graduates is Philip Roth, who has made his career using the Weequahic environs as the backdrop to many of his novels. Life in Weequahic changed abruptly after the 1967 Newark Riots. The Jewish families moved out and were replaced by many poor African Americans. For the next 30 years, a culture of discipline was replaced by a culture of crime as academic performance plummeted and the Bloods and Crips ruled campus and the streets. It was not until 2001 that Weequahic High School saw a glimmer of hope with the arrival of a new principal, Ron Stone, who vowed to return the school back to its former glory. Principal Stone created an unconventional conflict resolution program in order to work with the school's gang members who the local police.
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Baystate Blues

"What do you think of when you hear the term 'small town America'? Chances are if you're on the Conservative Right, you think of a Norman Rockwell utopia. If you're on the Liberal Left you think of a haven for the brain dead redneck NASCAR fans. As with most things the truth lies somewhere between the two extremes. This is a story of the truth." - Director
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