Bath Bomb

There’s a lot to love about this short giallo-inspired horror film. I had the occasion to check out BATH BOMB as part of a shorts block at the most recent Panic Fest Film Festival and was so delightfully disgusted and disturbed. BATH BOMB, directed by Colin G. Cooper and written by Cooper and Michael Clifton, is a queer tale of revenge that features an intimate portrayal by two characters, one of which has malicious intentions towards the other. As the sinister machinations come to the fore, we are treated with raucous moments of comedy mixed with horrific displays of viscera that will make most men cross their legs reflexively and make everyone else in the theater cover their face in shock at the macabre conclusion.

It’s difficult to write a spoiler-free review of a movie that is so concise with its story. In a nutshell, Dr. Jordan (played by Anders Yates) is spending a romantic evening with his partner Grant (David Henkel) in which the two share a drink and a bath is in the near future. As things heat up, Dr. Jordan presents Grant with a bath bomb to spice up their tub time, and that is where the chills and thrills begin to ramp up. Some infidelity has been discovered, and one of our two characters is about to pay. I’ll leave the “how’s” and “why’s” to your future viewing eyes, but the movie delivers on its premise, and then some.

This movie is incredibly polished and there was very little I was able to find in any of the major things one looks for when reviewing a movie to be dismayed about. All of the major boxes are checked here. A great story is delivered by actors absolutely giving it their all in their performances backed with a score and soundtrack that compliments the tone of the movie. The cinematography pays homage to classic films but doesn’t feel derivative, in fact, there are some shot angles and tricks here I wished that other movies would utilize more frequently. The editing is tight and the 10-ish minute runtime conveys exactly what needs to be on the screen and leaves the audience satisfied. BATH BOMB is a sublime apertif before a long day of watching indie films that stays with you long after the lights have gone up.

Bath Bomb
Reviewed as part of Panic Fest 2024
Bath Bomb | April 5, 2024 (United States) Summary: A possessive doctor prepares an ostensibly romantic bath for his narcissistic boyfriend, but after an accusation of infidelity, things take a deeply disturbing turn.
Countries: Canada, United StatesLanguages: English

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