(Slamdance 2024) Interview with Stephane Grasso – Migrant Sea

Stephane Grasso is a filmmaker and journalist who has taken on an interesting and inspiring task. He has created an ever-evolving multimedia concept combining podcasts, film, photography, and VR to bring forth his project MIGRANT SEA, which will be part of the DIG portion of this year’s Slamdance Film Festival in Park City.

MIGRANT SEA shows the struggles of migrants escaping the ravages or poverty and war in Africa, sometimes crossing the Saharan Desert and then braving the waters of the Mediterranean Sea to go to countries like Italy and Greece to begin new lives or using them as a stopping point before continuing on to find their family in other European countries. MIGRANT SEA puts a human face and story behind the news footage and politics, giving an empathic and honest look at the arduous journey these folks have gone through for freedom, family, and a better life.

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