Ang Motel

Directed and written by Jon Matthews and starring Virginia C. Soliman and Eurice McNeal is a small character piece set primarily inside a roadside motel in a small town off the highway.

The movie brings together Virginia and Eurice’s characters quickly, and without much fanfare. Eurice’s character Magic brings Virginia (also her character’s name) into her life and there is a small montage of them interacting. Fleeting would be an apt description of their time together, and while this particular situation was a young woman and an old woman, it could very well have been anyone using the same narrative framework and, with the director’s understanding of the assignment, might have produced similar results.

Having Magic understand and able to speak Virginia’s language was an interesting conceit to add to the film, and while it didn’t feel entirely realistic, it works for the story.

There is some unevenness to the cinematography, and the outdoor scene where the two main characters meet is really difficult to hear, but otherwise, technically speaking, the film succeeds in connecting us emotionally with these two people.

There’s no real backstory given in the film, and honestly it doesn’t really need any. The quick and quiet moments these characters share resound past the credits and leave the audience wondering what’s next for them.

Ang Motel
Ang Motel Summary: After checking into a roadside motel in a sleepy beach town, a young woman (Magic) discovers an elderly Filipina woman (Virginia) is stranded without a reservation. Since everything is booke... Read all
Languages: English

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