David Tuck: Never Forget

The number of Holocaust survivors are dwindling the farther we get from the events of World War II. The liberation of Auschwitz just celebrated their 75th anniversary in 2020. With the rise of far-right Fascism exploding around the world today, David Tuck’s story is more important than ever.

While David’s story is tragic and sad, there are parts of it that reveal the hope and steadfast commitment to change that serve as a beacon of inspiration through the film. His nuanced sayings such as “if there’s life there’s hope” are powerful reminders that change is possible, and that the future is yet to be written. Another saying “don’t live with hate” is a simple and empowering phrase to write, but often difficult to adopt in everyday life.

In terms of film criticism, it’s almost unfair to give a Holocaust documentary to a film critic, even worse a Gentile one. Films like this weren’t meant for criticism, they’re meant to be viewed as a chronicle of an undebatable era of our history. That said, the directors have given a thoughtful and compelling interview with David, filled with interesting stories and backing them with photos and footage taken right from the front lines. They illustrate the horrors of the war while David recounts the events of his life and the lives of the people he encountered along the way.

There are a few events in human history that people use the term “never forget” when they’re brought up. But few think of the people who are still alive that were directly impacted by these historical affairs, and the trauma they still endure, especially when there are folks out there that deny those events took place,or use stereotypical outlooks to further their own twisted views. 

David Tuck: Never Forget

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