Wrap Me In A Sheet

WRAP ME IN A SHEET starts off with a fun and different opening credit scene that set an interesting tone for the rest of the movie. Co-directed by and starring Britt Harris and Molly Muse, the film follows two sisters, one obviously dealing with some childhood PTSD while the other is caring for her as they make their way to the coast for an unknown task. With a brief stop along the way to play some mini-golf and take a lap around the go-kart track, the sisters Taylor and Faye resolve to finish their trip, eventually arriving at a remote area by the ocean where it’s revealed that there’s a body in the trunk of their vehicle, along with a couple of shovels. A hole is dug, the body is brought to the hole, and a reveal is made (no spoilers), all culminating in an emotional conclusion for the two sisters.

The cinematography and color of this film is wonderfully done. One sweeping shot of the sisters on bikes looked as big budget as any Hollywood production, and the overall aesthetic created by the directors for their characters fits the tone of the piece perfectly.

The music is another piece of the cinematic puzzle worth mentioning here, as the moody tones add emotional depth and punch where it needs to.

It’s not an easy job of directing and acting in the same film, but Harris and Muse do it with aplomb, especially in the final scene, where you can metaphorically see the weight of the world coming off their character’s shoulders. What little dialogue there is pops on the screen, and the dynamic between the two actors, along with the dialogue solidifies that familial connection between them.

Wrap Me In A Sheet
Wrap Me in a Sheet | September 2022 (United States) Summary: Two sisters travel to the Washington coast to unearth a dark family secret.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English

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