Undercover Wrestler

Sometimes you just need a fun palate cleanser and that’s just what the short comedy UNDERCOVER WRESTLER delivers. Written by and starring Joseph Dailey and directed by Roe Moore this situational is just what the doctor ordered if you’re looking to escape the real world for five minutes or so.

The premise is simple. There’s a guy called the Undercover Wrestler. He’s like you’re typical P.I. complete with hat and trench coat (and his own theme song, which gave me a good chuckle), but instead of wielding a gun, he’s throwing down elbows and powerbombs. In this scenario, he faces a worthy enemy in Ryan Bernales’ character Leonard who makes the grave mistake of sneaking a few of his sister’s crinkle cut French fries when she goes to the restroom. Spotting this capital offence, the Undercover Wrestler goes to work (complete with announcer and referee) to bring justice to Leonard’s sister. What follows is a well-choreographed beat down that skirts the line between comedic and cartoonish. It holds back just enough to stay within the comedic structure and world that the movie establishes, and the variety of the shots opens up film and makes it feel a bit more frenetic. Oddly enough, the slapstick aspect of it reminded me a bit of the old episodes of Scrubs (especially J.D.’s more ridiculous dream sequences) or similar sitcoms.

There are a few fun twists in this film that I won’t spoil. Overall, there’s more than a few laugh out loud moments and it looks like all of the actors are having a good time. Mostly kept to one location, UNDERCOVER WRESTLER takes good advantage of the space they’re shooting in and makes the diner feel both like an actual establishment and the Thunderdome at the same time. It’s best not to go into this movie using too much logic, but instead set aside expectations and just enjoy the ride. By the end, you’ll be glad you took the time to watch it.

Undercover Wrestler
Undercover Wrestler Summary: Stopping at a small diner for a road trip meal, siblings Leonard and Nikki are enjoying a small bite before they continue on their journey home. When Nikki leaves to the bathroom to care for... Read all
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English

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