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Time Travel Romance


Veteran actor Ben Giroux stars as Ben in a short comedy about the struggles of dating in the modern world when you’re awkward, and the lengths one will go to get a second (or third, or fourth) chance, called TIME TRAVEL ROMANCE.  When Ben figures out the secret to time travel in his mother’s (played by stellar actress Mindy Sterling) garage, he uses his new invention to try to successfully woo a fellow co-worker, and hilarity ensues.

The film is shot well overall, with vibrant colors and well-framed scenes.  Giroux, also the director, crafts a solid film with little extra room for anything that deviates from the core of the humor and story.  One thing this film tries to pull off with varying degrees of success are some visual effects (provided by Jake Akuna).  Some are to heighten comedic moments and the others are basically for the time machine effects.  The latter deserve a nod because they really come off well.  When the effects work, they work all the way.

TIME TRAVEL ROMANCE packs in a lot of laughs in the span of a lean 13 minutes.  It’s the perfect length for a comedy short as it does a great job setting up the premise, delivering the funny, and getting out before the joke becomes overdone.  Even an oft-used plot device like “the awkward guy just wants to get the girl” gets a pass due to the inventive and fun way that the writer, director, and actors navigate through the movie.

Without giving away the ending, TIME TRAVEL ROMANCE is a funny, clever, and tight piece of cinema that gives every actor and actress the opportunity to showcase their abilities, and even more impressive is how good the dialogue is considering the bulk of the movie is improvised.  You get gold when you work with professionals that are at the top of their game and it really shows in this flick.  If you get an opportunity to check this movie out, do it.  Then used your time machine to go back in time and experience it again.




FILM SYNOPSIS - After continually striking out with women, an awkward man (Ben Giroux, Hart of Dixie) invents a time machine against his mother's wishes (Mindy Sterling, Austin Powers). Breaking the space/time continuum, our hero hopes to improve his budding romance with his skeptical coworker (Sarah Scott, Arrested Development). Will bending time and space improve his love life? Only TIME will tell. (See what I did there? I'll show myself out.)

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