The Pulpit: Prelude

At a brisk eight-ish minutes THE PULPIT offers a dark drama centered around a progressive pastor who is being threatened by an unknown element. She goes to the FBI for help, but winds up being interrogated like she is the criminal.

This short is the set-up for a future project and is shot well with good sound design and engaging characters. The way the story is shot, going back and forth from the pastor’s testimony in the FBI interrogation room, to other parts of her life and the people in it, form a complete picture and tell the story well in the short time the director allots to the piece.

The acting is intense, subdued, and tonally perfect for this type of script. Emily Vere Nicoll gives an honest and nuanced performance as the pastor, and the director Tosin Morohunfola makes an appearance as one of the FBI interrogators, providing a stern and imposing presence in the room.

There are some wonderful sound cues in this film, and the narrative themes are timely and profound. This would make either a great series or feature.

The Pulpit: Prelude
The Pulpit: Prelude Summary: When a progressive, Midwestern pastor's life is threatened by extremists, she must answer to a gang of interrogating FBI Agents as she reels from the trauma of terrorism.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English

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