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The Morning After


I liked this film.

What? More detail, well, okay if you insist. This short is a romantic comedy and I’ve expressed in previous reviews that I do love a good rom-com – despite believing the whole genre to be one big cliche. I stand by that viewpoint, and so can’t really think of much to say about the film that doesn’t apply to most productions in the same genre, but… hey-ho and off we go!

As you might have guessed by the title, the story takes place on ‘the morning after’ one of those ‘night before’s – be honest, who doesn’t know that feeling?

Mae and Frank wake up naked in bed together, with Mae in a state of panic and confusion over what happened the night before, so far so typical… However, the slight twist comes when it is revealed that Mae is staying with her best friend, who happens to be married to her fiances best friend. You can pretty much guess what happens next, this is a rom-com, they’re in a sticky situation, let the humor commence.

As I say, I liked this film, and I really did, it made me laugh and cringe at the right times, and was written really well too. I’ve said in the past how I feel many short films don’t seem long enough to contain themselves, but that wasn’t the case here, the plot line was well-planned for the time-length, if a little unbelievable. The framing and composition caught my eye, I wouldn’t say there was anything particularly ‘out there’ or original about either, but I felt that the shots used managed to make the room seem… almost bigger, so as to keep the scene fresh and not claustrophobic. Which, seeing as the entire short is shot in one room it could, all too easily, have been.

I think this film’s definitely worth a watch for anyone who’s a fan of romantic comedies, for anyone not a fan of that genre however, particularly anyone looking for a sense of originality, it probably wouldn’t be there cup of tea.




A woman wakes up naked in bed with a sexy stranger and no recollection of the previous night's events. Who says passion is just for the night before? Sometimes you have to wake up to find the man of your dreams.

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