The Legacy


THE LEGACY, directed and written by Mike Doto, is a short film about a father named Charlie (Louis Iacoviello) who was once an actor who played a famous superhero, and his relationship with his son Billy (Paul Butcher) who finds out about his father’s past and thinks he’s the genuine article. At least that’s what we’re lead to believe the film is about. What it’s really about it the relationship between father and son, and how we grow up idolizing our parents when we’re very young because we see them doing unique and sometimes wondrous things that we can’t do.

The movie is shot so clean and lit very bright, it feels like I’m watching a comic book, and evokes a sense of optimism. To put it in comic book terms, Gotham City, where Batman presides, is a dark and dirty version of humanity, whereas Superman’s (or in this case Kryptoman’s) world is a clean, sanguine, and emboldened view of mankind. This movie seems almost documentary in the sense that it you can see that this is how Clark Kent would spend his days when he’s not out stopping Lex Luthor from his next real-estate related scheme.

The acting is top notch with a cast of people you’ve definitely seen before. A big nod goes to Paul Butcher who has already racked up an impressive resume (ER, NYPD Blue, and even The INCREDIBLE HULK). Louis Iacoviello’s (ER, Heroes) character Charlie is the perfect mix of devoted father, husband, and potential superhero.

The graphics, special effects, and art direction all make this short film feel like a Hollywood movie. You can tell that careful attention to detail was made a priority, and the audience will definitely smirk at a few of the small homages to a certain red-caped superhero that are placed throughout the film.

My only complaint about this film is that it’s ONLY twelve minutes long!




FILM SYNOPSIS - What would you do if you believed your father was a superhero? The Legacy brings to life a story about fathers and sons, imagination and magic, and believing in something larger than ourselves.

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