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FilmSnobbery Weekly Radio Show – Episode 1

Today we will be talking about responsible film festival programming, we’ll take a look back at some classic FilmSnobbery moments, and we will take some Skype calls from ex-co-host and filmmaker Jerry Cavallaro as well as director/actor Tom Konkle. (46)

The Ladies and The Gents Premiere Interview

5 producers, 2 web series, and several cocktails at 1 awesome party. FilmSnobbery attended the premiere party for The Ladies & The Gents and got interviews with actress/producer Stephanie Thorpe, producer Tanya Ihnen, producer Avi Glijansky, producer/director Steve Lekowicz, and producer/composer/set designer Robb Padgett. (8)

Something About Ryan

"Something About Ryan" chronicles the misadventures of Ryan Nuzzolo, a live-at-home slacker from Staten Island, who doesn't want to grow up and move out of his parent's house. Ryan's lifestyle includes hanging in front of the TV, attending a community college, and partying all the time with his best friend and neighbor, Anthony. The problem is that Ryan doesn't look for trouble-it has a habit of finding him.