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A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Podcast!

“Look, there’s this dough, see? There’s all this dough. 350 G’s! Do ya hear what I’m sayin’? 350 G’s! In the park, in Rosita… Rosita Beach State Park…” And if you know where that line comes from, you are in for a real treat! Film historian Paul Scrabo offers insight on the creation and restoration […]

Retro Cinema – When Comedy Was King

During the late 1950s and 1960s, Robert Youngson’s compilation features of silent comedy shorts helped to introduce many movie lovers to that long-gone style of mirth making. This 1960 production, which is now being offered on DVD by The Sprocket Vault in a visually pristine restoration, provides a line-up of silent comedy royalty at their […]

The Real Three Stooges Part 2

We received so much positive feedback from our episode on the Three Stooges’ off-screen lives that we decided to go for a sequel. Lon Davis, co-editor of the book “Stooges Among Us,” is back to give us the inside dope on the controversy surrounding Curly-Joe DeRita, the would-be Stooge careers of Emil Sitka, Mousie Garner […]

Retro Cinema – The Bowery Boys Meet The Monsters

Comedy and horror inevitably overlap in films where funnymen find themselves in haunted houses occupied with a surplus number of ghouls, mad scientists and ectoplasmic mayhem. The Bowery Boys had already run amok in such creepy settings during the 1940s with Spooks Run Wild and Ghosts on the Loose, back when they were under the […]

Retro Cinema – The Three Stooges in Orbit

One of the most delightfully peculiar memories from my education was a lunchtime film program that took place when I was in seventh grade. Our school auditorium accommodated the young brown-bagging lunch crowd with an offering of cinematic diversions. One afternoon, for reasons that I still cannot understand, the school unreeled THE THREE STOOGES IN […]

Retro Cinema – It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Stanley Kramer’s IT’S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD has never been a favorite with film critics and scholars they tend to see the 1963 film’s overkill slapstick and extravagant comic violence as too much of a bad thing. Indeed, the film exists as a deranged live action cartoon: people run through walls, crash airplanes, […]