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Pappy’s World

Pappy’s World follows a sinister doll intent on stalking down a war veteran. A young girl discovers Pappy at the very top of the Christmas gift pile, but when she unwraps his box she unleashes a doll bent on destruction and pain. I still feel a little unnerved by this film. Pappy is indeed a […]
Pauline in a Beautiful World Poster
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Cardboard Titanics: Smart People Being Stupid

Successful people devote their day off building, rowing, and racing boats made solely of cardboard and duck tape in an insane effort to recapture the American dream.

Ahimsa’s Free No-Budget Short Film Festival!

YOU HAVE BEEN INVITED TO SUBMIT TO AHIMSA’S FIRST EVER NO-BUDGET SHORT FILM FESTIVAL! APRIL 28TH 7-10 PM THE IMPROV SPACE NO SUBMISSION FEE! Here’s what’s going on: Micro-budget filmmaking; the wave of the future! All you need is a thousand-dollar digital camera, some out-of-work actor friends, a ten-page script that deliberately allows “room for […]