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Russ Russo – An Indie Actor’s Journey

Russ Russo is one of the most versatile and accomplished talents in the indie film scene. He has created memorable performances in the acclaimed films “The Land of College Prophets,” “Williamsburg,” “London Betty,” “Against the Wall,” “Donner Pass,” “Blue Collar Boys,” and “An Act of War.” He will be seen in the upcoming films “The […]

Christian de Rezendes – A Filmmaker’s Odyssey

Christian de Rezendes is one of the most versatile creative artists in the independent film world, equally at home with the nonfiction format (“Alzira’s Story,” “41,” “Raising Matty Christian”) and narrative productions (“Getting Out of Rhode Island,” “Cat Scratch,” “Memories for Sale.” On this episode, Phil Hall discusses the filmmaker’s distinctive career and previews his […]

Close Encounters Of The Animated Kind – Denver Film Society (2013)

The Denver Film Society, located in the heart of Denver, Colorado, is known for its eclectic programming, special events, and range of mini film festivals throughout the year. Each year, during the high profile STARZ Denver Film Festival, there is a block of animated films the festival lovingly calls Close Encounters of the Animated Kind. […]