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Retro Cinema – The Bible – In the Beginning

This grand endeavor was among the seemingly endless number of multinational epic collaborations that polluted cinemas during the 1960s. It was helmed by an Italian producer (Dino De Laurentiis) and an American director (John Huston) who brought together a mix of U.S. and European actors and a Japanese composer (Toshirô Mayuzumi) to recreate the first […]

Retro Cinema – The 10 Greatest Films That Were Never Made

The recent news that Steven Spielberg planned to create a television mini-series based on Stanley Kubrick’s unfilmed screenplay on the life of Napoleon has called new attention to a shadowy genre of the motion picture world: cancelled productions. For every film that gets completed, there are dozens that never go beyond the pre-production stage. And […]

The Best Film You’ve Never Seen

In this book, 35 directors champion their favorite overlooked or critically savaged gems. Among these guilty pleasures, almost-masterpieces, and undeniable classics in need of revival are unsung noirs (Murder by Contract), famous flops (Can’t Stop the Music, Joe Versus the Volcano), art films (L’ange), theatrical adaptations (The Iceman Cometh), B-movies (Killer Klowns from Outer Space), and even a few Oscar-winners (Some Came Running).
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Retro Cinema – The 10 Most Notorious Dubbed Performances of All Time

For an actor, the voice is perhaps the most important tool for crafting a performance. But on several occasions, it was decided that the actors on the screen were not capable of using their vocal prowess to their fullest. As a result, the actors’ voices were dubbed by other performers. Here are 10 of the […]

Retro Cinema – Go Away! 10 Big Stars Rejected for Major Film Roles

It is not unusual for film producers to chase down A-list performers in hope of landing a major star in a new flick. But less common is when the situation is reversed: the A-listers actively lobby for a major role, only to face humiliating rejection. Here are examples of 10 major stars that went out […]

Retro Cinema – Macbeth

Among Orson Welles enthusiasts, the 1948 film version of MACBETH has never truly found a great deal of love.  But, then again, the general public was never truly enamored with the film. But while MACBETH is admittedly not a classic, it is a fascinating endeavor that shows what can be achieved in the most modest […]