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FilmSnobbery Podcast – Episode 10

After a couple weeks of downtime to digest from the Thanksgiving holiday, co-host Devin Watson and host Nic LaRue are back with another fun episode covering the recently released official feature selections of the Sundance and Slamdance film festivals to be held in Park City, Utah in the late December.  They converse on the differences […]

Interview With Lauren Schacher and Emily Best

FilmSnobbery host Nic LaRue sits down with Seed&Spark founder and CEO Emily Best and sex-positive actress and director Lauren Schacher to talk not-so-awkwardly about their campaign to bring a second season of their series F*CK YES to people all around the world that are in need of some serious education about consent, communicating with their […]

An Open Letter From Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment

The following is an open letter from Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and Creator of The Toxic Avenger, regarding the issue of Net Neutrality. August 30, 2010 Dear Fans of the First Amendment: The Internet, the last free open and diverse democratic medium, is under attack. Net Neutrality, which provides that no content is […]