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FilmSnobbery Weekly Radio Show – Episode 3

This week on a jam-packed episode of the FilmSnobbery Weekly Radio Show, host Nic LaRue chats with writer, director, and actress Jenna Laurenzo about her feature film directorial debut, LEZ BOMB, starring herself, Caitlin Mehner, Cloris Leachman, Steve Guttenberg, Kevin Pollak, and Bruce Dern. We talk about working with legends like Cloris and Kevin, and […]

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 97 With Guest Liz Ogilvie

Digital distribution can be difficult to navigate for filmmakers. With so many platforms vying for your content, how can you be sure you’re picking the right one? Fandor’s own Liz Ogilvie talks about what digital distributors are currently doing wrong, and what filmmaker’s should pay attention to before choosing their platform. We also talk to […]

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 91 With Guests Lane Hughes and Jay Burleson

Actor Lane Hughes and Director Jay Burleson call in to talk about their careers, their goals and challenges when making and promoting films, and their upcoming projects. We also say goodbye to an era of FilmSnobbery Live! and to a world class co-host, writer/director Jerry Cavallaro. (7)

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 90 With Guest Jerry Cavallaro

Nic and Jerry continue their discussion about working together and collaboration in general. We pump our IndieGoGo campaign and get ready to say goodbye to MA in this penultimate episode. (14)

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 89 With Guest Jerry Cavallaro

Host Nic LaRue and co-host Jerry Cavallaro talk about about film festivals and fast food digestive issues. Listen to this episode to find out how it REALLY is when Nic and Jerry are on the road. Also the countdown continues to our last episode in MA! (8)

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 87 With Guest Dr. Hassan Zee

Dr. Hassan Zee calls in to chat about his new film BICYCLE BRIDE, his cinematic journey from his home in Pakistan to making films in San Francisco, and why he left medicine to become a storyteller. Actress and host Leah Cevoli also phones in to chat about her Jedi Camp crowdfunding campaign, her charity work, […]

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 86 With Guest Nathan Cole

Screenwriter and Producer Nathan Cole (THE WATERHOLE) chats us up about what he learned from his experiences making and distributing his flick. We also answer some questions from our audience on Twitter about social media cross promotion as well as go over the new indie demand platform Tugg. (6)

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 85 With Guest Tai Fauci

Web series creator Tai Fauci talks about the differences between making and promoting for the web versus TV. We also talk about shooting her newest show WHOLE DAY DOWN starring Willie Garson and Patrick Breen (12)

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 83 With Guests Kent Lamm & Kristyn Burtt

Filmmaker Kent Lamm comes on the show to talk about his new film BAD IS BAD and red carpet expert Kristyn Burtt gives us an interview about her career whiles discussing Oscar noms with host Nic LaRue. Watch this episode for a clue to win a poster courtesy of the Arclight Cinemas! (5)

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 82 With Guests Jayce & Tiffany Bartok and Tommy Avallone

Husband and wife filmmaking team Jayce Bartok (THE CAKE EATERS) and Tiffany Bartok talk about crowdfunding and more with their latest film in production TINY DANCER. Filmmaker and actor Tommy Avallone also calls in to discuss his upcoming documentary I AM SANTA CLAUS. We also break some big news and a new partnership! (6)

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 81 With Guest Meg Pinsonneault

Filmmaker Meg Pinsonneault calls in to plug her newest production currently in development, GWAPA (Beautiful), chat about how her crowdfunding experiences using IndieGoGo, and discuss her style choices for FEAT OF THE FOOLISH and A LOVE, LOVE STORY. (3)