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November 2016 Crowdfunding Audience Picks

It’s time for you, our audience, to choose our featured crowdfunding campaign for November 2016.  You can vote once per day, every day, until November 1st.  We have attempted to include campaigns in all stages of funding and remaining time, from several different crowdfunding sites.  We hope that our audience will discover new campaigns and […]

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 106 With Guest Sam Koji Hale

Filmmaker and puppeteer Sam Koji Hale talks about previous films like YAMASONG and his upcoming film that he recently successfully funded on Kickstarter, MONSTER OF THE SKY. He also talks about how he got involved with Heather Henson’s Ibex Puppetry and how he feels people continue to connect with puppets as an entertainment medium. (20)

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 105 With Guests Jonathan Pezza and Paulina Cerrilla

Writer/Director Jonathan Pezza is joined by Actress/Singer Paulina Cerrilla to talk about their new film currently on Kickstarter, STRING THEORY. We talk mixtapes, perks, and relating to your audience. We also have FilmSnobbery Live!’s first ever live musical performance! This is a must-see episode. Check Out More About STRING THEORY here: http://stringtheorythemovie.net Follow Paulina and […]

Amy Smart Joins Jon Heder , Creature Actor Doug Jones and Creature Creator Steve Wang for A Horrifying New Adventure

Actress Amy Smart (Crank 1&2, Varsity Blues) joins the cast of the terrifying and unique short horror film “The Visitant.” Working alongside legendary creature actor, Doug Jones (Hellboy 1&2, Pan’s Labyrinth), Smart will showcase both her strength and vulnerability to play the lead role of a mother fighting to protect her children from a demon […]

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 101 With Guest Helenna Santos-Levy

Actress and Ms. In The Biz founder Helenna Santos-Levy stops by to talk about her new site for women in the entertainment industry, her acting career, self-producing and not waiting for the work to come to you, and getting started in social media and as a blogger to get yourself more involved in your film […]

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 94 With Guests Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal

Voiceover actors, web series creators, and great people Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal answer your questions about being in the VO industry, their new Kickstarted season of Shelf Life The Series, and their new film projects as well. In this episode we also talk about the Veronica Mars film Kickstarter, and show a clip from […]

Screenwriter/Director Losing His Sight but Not His Vision to Make Full Length Feature Film

Losing sight to degenerative eye disease cone rod dystrophy, Jack Marchetti aims to make feature film before going blind. Chicago crime drama, ‘4 of a Kind’ will initiate with help of Kickstarter. Chicago area Screenwriter and Director, Jack Marchetti is in a race against time to make his full length feature film before losing his […]

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 80 With Guest Alexia Anastasio

On a very special Tuesday edition of FilmSnobbery Live! we catch up with actress, producer, and director (ADVENTURES IN PLYMPTOONS) Alexia Anastasio during the final hours of her Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for her new documentary Ginger Girls. We throw our hat in the ring to help her raise funds and make our audience […]

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 60 With Guest Paul Osborne

OFFICIAL REJECTION director Paul Osborne returns to FilmSnobbery Live! to talk about his new crowdfunded film FAVOR. We also talk about his new article in MovieMaker Magazine and give away a free 1 year subscription! Also don’t miss our IndieGoGo Project of the Week FOLLOW! (7)

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 59 With Guests John Paul Rice and Edgar Michael Bravo

Prominent film producer John Paul Rice and elusive director Edgar Michael Bravo chat with us about their new film MOTHER’S RED DRESS, how they began working together, and their current Kickstarter campaign. We also highlight our IndieGoGo Project of the Week, PEEKABOO. (6)