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My Pet Dinosaur

My Pet Dinosaur follows the story of a teenage boy who ‘creates’ a dinosaur in his very own bedroom. Jake is living his teenage years out in a very troubled town and without his father around he feels disconnected from the world. With chemical waste and cancer as a focal point of the communities woes, […]
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Cherry is a horror/romance monologue written and performed by Jaleelah Galbraith. I absolutely adore monologues so I was really interested to see how they’d visually capture the essence of the character’s thoughts. The film began and I felt hooked immediately. The writing is of such a high standard, with a few little comedy pieces thrown in […]
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Pappy’s World

Pappy’s World follows a sinister doll intent on stalking down a war veteran. A young girl discovers Pappy at the very top of the Christmas gift pile, but when she unwraps his box she unleashes a doll bent on destruction and pain. I still feel a little unnerved by this film. Pappy is indeed a […]
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Heart, Baby!

Following the real-life story of two long-life friends George and Doc, HEART, BABY! focuses on their time together (and apart) in prison. Director Angela Shelton guides us through the story with Gbenga Akinnagbe as George, a phenomenal boxer sentenced to 40 years for armed robbery. With training and support from his best friend Doc (Jackson Rathbone), […]
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