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Interview with LazRael Lison

HALLOWEED director LazRael Lison sits down with FilmSnobbery host Nic LaRue to talk about his new stoner-comedy/horror flick. LazRael chats about all different parts of the production and post-production process, his horror movie influences, and how those movies helped him with the style of HALLOWEED. Learn more about the film on IMDB at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3635788/?ref_=nv_sr_1 Follow […]

Dances With Films 2016 Interview with Jon Cvack and Laurence Fuller

Writer/Director Jon Cvack and actor Laurence Fuller talk to FilmSnobbery host Nic LaRue on the red (green actually) carpet at the 2016 Dances With Films film festival in Hollywood about their new movie ROAD TO THE WELL. Laurence talks about first meeting Jon and discussing Nietzsche, getting the role in the movie, and reveals what […]

Dances With Films 2016 Interview with Monika Wesley

Director Monika Wesley talks about her new film I LIVE FOR YOU with FIlmSnobbery host Nic LaRue. They chat about collaborating with her ex boyfriend on the story for the movie, working with her actors, what drives her to be a director and how she and other women behind the camera provide a nurturing and […]

Dances With Films 2016 Interview with Jenn Page and Chris Edgar

Director Jenn Page and Writer/Composer Chris Edgar talk with FilmSnobbery’s Nic LaRue on the green carpet at the Dances With Films film festival in Hollywood at the Chinese Theaters. They chat about the challenges of adapting a stage play into a movie musical, who their movie musical influences are, how they handled their casting process, […]

Dances With Films 2016 Interview with David Gaddie, Steven Kelleher, and Natalie Smith

FilmSnobbery founder and host Nic LaRue heads back to Dances With Films film festival at the Chinese Theaters in Hollywood to chat with director and co-writer David Gaddie, co-writer Steven Kelleher, and actress Natalie Smith about their new short sci-fi film BEAUTIFUL DREAMER. Learn more about BEAUTIFUL DREAMER on IMDB at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4794788/?ref_=rvi_tt Visit their website […]

Dances With Films 2016 Interview with Christopher James Lang and Amanda Todisco

Director and co-writer Christopher James Lang and co-writer/actress Amanda Todisco have a fun conversation with FilmSnobbery founder and host Nic LaRue about their new film VALLEY OF DITCHES. Get more info about VALLEY OF DITCHES on IMDB at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5344876/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 Like the VALLEY OF DITCHES Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AValleyofDitches/ Check out their website at http://valleyofditches.com/ (20)

Dances With Films 2016 Interview with Stuart McBratney

FilmSnobbery host Nic LaRue interviews director/writer Stuart McBratney about his new film POP-UP at the Dances With Films film festival. Nic and Stuart talk about filming in two countries (Australia and Romania), whether Transylvania is real or a figment of Bram Stoker’s imagination, and how to get the most of out your foreign “fixer”. Find […]

Interview With Dan Mirvish

Nic LaRue has a long chat with BETWEEN US director and Slamdance co-founder Dan Mirvish. They talk about the fest circuit, unique marketing strategies, his literary alter ego, and how to get A list stars attached to an independent film. This interview is a must-see! (3)

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 107 With Mary Elizabeth Boylan

Actress, Producer, and Writer Mary Elizabeth Boylan has a casual conversation with Nic LaRue about injecting a little of her personal life into her scripts, the differences between attending film fests as either an actor or producer, and her new short film GETTING LEMONS. (10)

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 96 With Guest Miles Maker

Director, Producer, Racconteur, and Film Strategist Miles Maker talks about working on PARIAH, the new film he optioned SAFEWORD, moving to Los Angeles, and gives insight into labels in the entertainment industry. This episode is extra SUPER SIZED and ribbed for your pleasure! (15)

FGFF Philly 2011 Interview With Dan Van Wert

CONTROLLED BURN writer/director/producer Dan Van Wert chats on the red carpet at the FirstGlance Film Festival in Philadelphia with FilmSnobbery Live! host Nic LaRue about his amazing film festival experiences, cashing in his IRA to make his movie, and the impact it has on the Alzheimer’s community. (6)

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 80 With Guest Alexia Anastasio

On a very special Tuesday edition of FilmSnobbery Live! we catch up with actress, producer, and director (ADVENTURES IN PLYMPTOONS) Alexia Anastasio during the final hours of her Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for her new documentary Ginger Girls. We throw our hat in the ring to help her raise funds and make our audience […]