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Oxford Film Festival 2019 Interview with Skizz Cyzyk and Jen Talbert

Filmmaker Skyzz Cyzyk and his Producer Jen Talbert talk about their new documentary ICEPICK TO THE MOON about the musician Rev. Fred Lane. They talk about the process of making the movie, their rock star DIY approach to touring the film around the country, and what separates the good from bad when it comes to […]

Close Encounters Of The Animated Kind – Denver Film Society (2013)

The Denver Film Society, located in the heart of Denver, Colorado, is known for its eclectic programming, special events, and range of mini film festivals throughout the year. Each year, during the high profile STARZ Denver Film Festival, there is a block of animated films the festival lovingly calls Close Encounters of the Animated Kind. […]

Eye Of The Bennu

Set in an ancient Egyptian fantasy world, Eye of the Bennu features character races based on the ancient animal headed deities and is filmed in shadow puppetry behind real papyrus. It stars a jackal from Luxor named Aketnu who dreams of joining the army, but ends up a scribe because he is too young. However, he is soon caught up in the kingdom's struggle to incarnate their god Ra through the pharaoh, before their enemies the Hyksos can do the same with the evil serpent Apep. On this classic hero's journey, he will meet great warriors and rulers, strengthen his character, and face down Apep, who has chosen as his own vessel none other than Aketnu's best friend.
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FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 39 With Guests Jason Oshman and Kamal Iskander

In another installment of our FirstGlance Film Festival coverage, we are joined by directors Jason Oshman (PING) and Kamal Iskander (JESUS COMES TO TOWN). We talk a little ACTUAL film snobbery, stop motion animation, and the importance of film school. (9)