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Submission Guidelines

We DO accept unsolicited submissions of independent films for review. All unsolicited film review requests are placed in a separate queue and are reviewed once all solicited reviews have been dealt with. This can mean a much longer wait for your film to be screened and reviewed by one of our staff. We do not guarantee any time-frame for unsolicited reviews.

Solicited films are defined as movies that we have sought out, are sent to us by distributors or press people, or found at film festivals. These films are put in a separate queue and are given first review priority. The time-frame for review should be no longer than 2 weeks from the day we receive your film.

Note to Distributors – While we will accept catalog entries, only one film will be given priority at a time. Please specify when you contact us which film you would like us to review.

Media Embargoes – FilmSnobbery will abide by any and all media embargoes for press screenings and reviews.

Review Rules and Guidelines

  • We reserve the right to not review a film submitted to us.
  • We will not take down unfavorable reviews. When you submit your film to us you do so with the understanding that you are getting an unbiased and fair opinion of your work. We can certainly address any inaccuracies, but we will not remove a negative review for any reason.
  • We do not return any sent materials. Please do not send originals.

Your Submission Should Include

  1. One DVD (NTSC Region 1) preview copy of the film. Each disc must be clearly labeled with the title, director’s name, running time, and primary email contact. All non-English language films must be subtitled in English.  Digital submissions are also welcome.
  2. An electronic or physical press kit, if available.
  3. A detailed synopsis of the film.
  4. A brief biography of the filmmakers and a list of credits. (You may also submit an IMDB link to us)
  5. A .jpg image of your film’s poster.

Mailing Address

Nic LaRue

c/o FilmSnobbery

1831 Addison Drive

Mount Juliet, TN 37122