(Slamdance 2024) Interview with Luis Grane – Nowhere Stream

*Apologies in advance for some of the video and audio issues. The filmmaker is in a hotel room in Park City during two of the busiest festivals in the country. His wifi isn’t exactly ideal. But rest assured this interview is fantastic, as is his film*

Filmmaker and USC film instructor Luis Grane takes a moment out of his busy Slamdance Film Festival schedule to chat with FilmSnobbery’s Nic LaRue about his experimental short film NOWHERE STREAM which has already enjoyed two screenings at the festival (with another tomorrow). They talk about the challenges involved in making art in any discipline, why the LA river is important to him and what it means in the context of his film, and how working both within and outside of the Hollywood system is important in having a full and diverse career in the industry.

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