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Making a movie is not the end of your journey.  Whether your goal is to sell your film, increase your own exposure within the industry, or to get your film seen by the widest audience possible, it is going to take a lot to help you realize your goals.  FilmSnobbery can help you achieve those goals by engaging our marketing services and leveraging our years of experience in the film industry.

FilmSnobbery specializes in helping films find their audiences and allowing filmmakers to focus on the next steps in their careers.

Services Include –

  1.  Complete film marketing plans
  2. Social media and digital strategies and execution
  3. Trailers including short cuts for social use
  4. Film and production company website design
  5. Complete film graphic design including digital and print needs
  6. Press kits and outreach
  7. Film festival research, prep, and strategy execution
  8. Film pre-sale deliverables

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