See You At The FirstGlance Film Festival Philadelphia 2022

FilmSnobbery’s Nic LaRue will be appearing at the FirstGlance Film Festival to interview folks on the red carpet, review festival selections, and maybe even record a few live podcasts with some of the special guests.

The FirstGlance Film Festival is celebrating 25 years of supporting independent film with their bi-coastal (Los Angeles and Philadelphia) film screenings. Led by festival director Bill Ostroff, an ardent champion for indie film, the festival that began on his home turf in Philadelphia, has expanded over the years to include a second festival in Los Angeles, and a traveling roadshow of short indie films screening at various comic cons around the country known as GeekFest.

In addition to working on some of the industry’s tentpole films, Bill Ostroff is an indie film producer (Not For Nothing, Rittenhouse Square) and has worked tirelessly on social media to bring attention to the filmmaking community by pioneering the #SupportIndieFilm hashtag. 

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