Home Movie News SCI-FI-LONDON Presents – Indiegogo Alien Abduction Film The Search for Simon

SCI-FI-LONDON Presents – Indiegogo Alien Abduction Film The Search for Simon

SCI-FI-LONDON Presents – Indiegogo Alien Abduction Film The Search for Simon

London, England:

Home of the fantastic, SCI-FI-LONDON is now making movies. The UK’s leading genre event has grown a new limb, teaming up with award-winning film director Martin Gooch to create an original feature film funded by sci-fi fans around the country. The Search for Simon is a science fiction comedy with a twist: it’s about loss, wargaming and alien abduction, and is now live on crowd-funding site Indiegogo. The Search for Simon premieres at the 12th SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival at London’s BFI on 3rd May 2013.

Director and Co-Screenwriter of The Search for Simon, Martin Gooch says: ‘Think Shaun of the Dead rubbing up againstThe X-Files, with a little Blair Witch Project, and UFOs thrown in for good measure. Our Indiegogo crowd funder will be essential to raise money to finalise shooting and post-production of The Search for Simon. Anyone with a love of science fiction should back our Indiegogo project and help us find Simon!’

SCI-FI-LONDON festival director and producer on The Search for Simon, Louis Savy, added: ‘Having shown over 10,000 exciting and independent science fiction films at the festival, I thought it was time we made one before aliens actually abduct us! Martin sold out the opening night of last year’s festival with his thrilling gothic horror comedy film Death. I’m therefore absolutely delighted to work with this award-winning British Director to launch The Search for Simon Indiegogo crowd-funding project. Our Indiegogo target is £15,000, and we have some great perks on offer for funders.

About The Search for Simon Indiegogo crowd-funding project:

The Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign for The Search for Simon runs to 03/04/13, with a target of £15,000. Perks for funders include limited edition T-shirts, signed DVDs, signed Ian Livingstone (Fighting Fantasy books and Tombraider) collectibles, VIP tickets, film credits, and a chance to appear in a UFO magazine used in the film!

For the Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign: click here

For the trailer: click here

About Martin Gooch:

Martin is a highly experienced film director with a great mind for a story and a great eye to shoot it. He has a unique style, bending genres and expectations within classic British film-making. He has travelled the world, talked to it, written about it and documented it on film. He has worked on 13 feature films, including Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the Muppets and Judge Dredd, as well as over 200 television shows across British programming. TV highlights include East Enders, Big Brother, Hollyoaks and Robot Wars. In 2008 Martin directed the live-action on the BAFTA-winning and Emmy-nominated Spooks interactive website. His first feature film, Death, won awards including Best Director at the Hollywood Feel Good Film Festival. The Search for Simon is his second feature film.

For more on Martin’s film Death: click here


SCI-FI-LONDON is the UK’s leading genre event and an internationally recognised launch pad for genre movies. SFL is an independent film festival that gets no funding from any arts of film council and relies on the generosity and support of its sponsors, and the filmmakers and distributors themselves. Ultimately it is the ticket-buying public that make it a success and one of the friendliest festivals around, a view that is expressed by not only the punters but also by the visiting filmmakers and guests. Crowd-funding is an obvious next step for SCI-FI-LONDON, a completely fan led and supported festival.

For more information: click here

About Indiegogo

Everyone should have the opportunity to raise money. Now everyone does. People all over the world use our industry-leading platform to raise millions of dollars for all types of campaigns. No matter what you are raising money for, you can start right now with no fee or application process.

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