FilmSnobbery Live! – Bonus Episode – Melissa Jo Peltier

FilmSnobbery Live!
FilmSnobbery Live!
FilmSnobbery Live! - Bonus Episode - Melissa Jo Peltier

Show Notes

In this special episode of FilmSnobbery Live!, host Nic LaRue chats with director and producer Melissa Jo Peltier about her new politically charged documentary THE GAME IS UP. This episode is a test for our new season of FilmSnobbery Live! shows. We’re still working out a few kinks but we’re happy to be back to interviewing filmmakers and other industry pros! Please follow us at: https://twitter.com/filmsnobbery https://facebook.com/filmsnobbery For more reviews, interviews, and podcasts go to: https://filmsnobbery.com

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