FilmSnobbery Live! – Episode 128 – Jonathan Schiefer

FilmSnobbery Live!
FilmSnobbery Live!
FilmSnobbery Live! - Episode 128 - Jonathan Schiefer

Show Notes

FilmSnobbery frequent guest Jon Schiefer stops by to chat about his crowdfunding campaign for his new film SOME CALL IT LUCK (currently on Seed & Spark and can be viewed at https://somecallitluck.com). We talk at length about some of the challenges that independent filmmakers face when making and distributing their films, and how these broken systems need fixing. We also present solutions in the form of the new Independent Film Revolution which puts the means of distribution back into the hands of the filmmakers, allows them to retain their rights, and puts them on the path to self-reliance and sustainability. The future of film looks grim, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

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