FilmSnobbery Live! – Episode 126 – Laurie Kilmartin

FilmSnobbery Live!
FilmSnobbery Live!
FilmSnobbery Live! - Episode 126 - Laurie Kilmartin

Show Notes

We’ve had a lot of guests on FilmSnobbery Live! over the years. We’ve had filmmakers, editors, publicists, and more across the spectrum of the entertainment industry. I think having an NYT Best-Selling author, late-night television writer, and comedian on the show might be a first for us though. Hang out and watch (or listen if you’re in the car) to our interview with the amazing Laurie Kilmartin as we talk about her new special CIS WOKE GRIEF SLUT (currently available on Apple TV, Amazon, and YouTube), working on Conan as a monologue writer, and more!

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