FilmSnobbery Live! – Episode 115 – Bruce Kuklick

FilmSnobbery Live!
FilmSnobbery Live!
FilmSnobbery Live! - Episode 115 - Bruce Kuklick

Show Notes

We decided to throw a little curveball with this episode and examine the role of fascism in media over the last century or so with our guest, author and retired history professor Bruce Kuklick. We chat about his new book Fascism Comes to America: A Century of Obsession in Politics and Culture, and deep dive about Hollywood’s role in driving the good vs evil narrative using fascism as a backdrop. How propaganda and techniques used during World War II are still perpetrating fascist stories today, and basically…history repeats itself if you pay close enough attention. (Technical note: Our usual streaming software was acting a little wonky so you’re just getting a plain old Zoom-style interview this time.)

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