John Trigonis’ short film PERFEKT revolves around a middle aged borderline compulsive man who believes that everything in life needs to be perfect. He’s made it so that everything he’s ever done has been safe, clean, and folds neatly into the metaphorical box he’s made for himself. The flick follows his myriad failed relationships with women that didn’t quite meet up to his standards all the way until a chance meeting at a bar with one young lady who seems to be everything he’s looking for in a woman. The conversation between them is thought provoking and inspiring up until he finds out what she does for a living. Which sends him into a tailspin of self-doubt over how his love life has been up until this point.

The cinematography on this flick is good although the focus is a little soft at times. But is as good as most feature length films that are released. Great care is taken in the detail of the characters, and they certainly feel real enough. The script is tight, as are the acting performances. The lead character Matt (played by Bill Schineller) is a well rounded character and is played with pathos that isn’t seen often in male leads in independent pictures (mostly due to the unprofessional nature of some of the actors that get cast in indie roles).

One highlight of this short is the music, which sets the tone and mood of the film well throughout. Serious in some cases, and lively and playful in others.

Overall a good short film that will delight film festival patrons as well as serve as a powerful calling card for the director on his future endeavors.




FILM SYNOPSIS - Matt is a Don Juan obsessed with cleanliness and perfection who has been searching for the ideal woman, but, unable to find her, settles for being with five girls simultaneously for the last three years.

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