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Peep Show – Interview with Courtney Trouble, Part Two

Peep Show –  Interview with Courtney Trouble, Part Two

In Part #1 of our interview with Courtney Trouble she talked about being a queer porn icon, the importance of interacting with fans, showing chemistry between performers, and doing it DIY. Ready for more?

KFINK: How long does it take for you to make a movie, from concept to screen? And how do you pick your collaborators (actors, crew, music, etc)?

COURTNEY: Depends on how fast I can pay for things. I have ideas for films/scenes in my head from 5 years ago that I haven’t been able to make yet. My collaborators come from friendships and artistic kinship. For instance, I’ve adored Eon Mckai’s work for years but wasn’t able to work with him until we had become friends and business confidants. My music comes from my friend’s bands – luckily I moonlight as a rock and roll groupie so that helps 😉

KFINK: Scenario: A big studio knocks on your door and says, “We love your directing style, Courtney. We’ll keep you extremely comfortable financially (think private islands, think trips to the moon)…if you just drop all the queer-alt stuff.  Quit returning April Flores’ calls, no more slumber parties with Madison Young, no more tranny stuff, etc…” Your response is…?

COURTNEY: No fucking way! I started out as a broke artist, and continue to be a broke artist. I like it this way.

KFINK: How do you compete with free porn content on the web?

COURTNEY: Free content on the web is mostly boring – I provide something exciting, exclusive, subversive, and new. If you can’t find something for free, you’re gonna have to pay for it. You can’t find the kind of porn I make for free – yet – lucky me!

KFINK: We’ve read about your upcoming QueerPorn.TV as well as your “I’m a Queer Porn Star Contest” (via the website for Chicago’s Early to Bed shop, actually.) Can you tell us a little about what lead to your decision to create this, where it fits into your alt-porn empire, and how much work goes into a venture like this?

COURTNEY: QueerPorn.TV is a new website / porn project that I am super, super excited about. It’s got all new, exclusive, content that’s hardcore in a major way. Since it’s only meant for the internet, I allowed myself to shoot things I would have to edit out of a DVD release like fisting, rough bondage and sex play, and things like non-consent/rape fantasies, pissing, and did I mention fisting? The idea behind the site is twofold: create a pantheon of a queer porn, where only the absolute hottest, most talented, and boundary-pushing performers play, WHILE promoting the concept that “You are a Porn Star, I am a Porn Star, We Are All Porn Stars,” which will come into play when we launch a secret-for-now feature on the site.

KFINK: We love the high heel tattoo on your thigh. Absolute most important question of this interview: Mind if we get tattoos that match yours? Wanna be triplets?

COURTNEY: No Way! Get your own tattoos! Haha. Just kidding. And actually, if you look close enough, you’ll see that the heel of the shoe is a gun – because my femininity and queerness is as powerful as a weapon.

KFINK: Too late. Julie already got one…but her high heel is a spatula. Besides QueerPorn.TV, do you have any other projects we should keep our eyes out for?

COURTNEY: Absolutely. I’m doing a little re-modeling on my original porn site, NoFauxxx.Com – my film ROULETTE TORONTO is available for pre-order and should be released in November, and I’m currently editing the first DVD I’ll be releasing independently for Courtney Trouble Productions. It’s called COURTNEY TROUBLE’S LIVE SEX NOW, and it was shot in front of a live, masturbating audience at 2010’s San Francisco Masturbate-a-Thon. It stars NINA HARTLEY(!), April Flores, Jiz Lee, Tina Horn, Roger Wood, Jolene Parton, and Kimberlee Cline, and it includes a very special SIX PORN STAR gang bang on, well, ME.

I’ve also been performing a lot and some scenes I’ve done for CRASH PAD Series, Carlos Batt’s film ARTCORE, and a special photo set for Belle Vendetta’s website should be coming out oh-so-soon!  My performance history can be found here.

KFINK: Holy moly – you never slow down! Thanks for taking time to answer our questions, Courtney. And when you’re ready to get your Kfink tattoo, let us know…

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KingIsAFink Jessica King grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and eventually moved to the city via China; country mouse Julie Keck entered Chicago via Jessica. Their first films were inspired by inside jokes and made primarily to tickle the fancies of their closest friends. In subsequent films they explored the exquisite embarrassment associated with living. King and Keck’s most recent efforts, Anxiety Acres and Libidoland, showcase characters venturing out of their comfort zones and flailing in the quicksand of their own imaginations. In addition to producing ultra-low budget films, Jessica and Julie write short and feature length screenplays in a variety of genres. Their primary goal: to tell stories that are at once familiar, uncomfortable, demented, and exhilarating. They’re currently working on a movie dramatic thriller called TILT with Minnesota director Phil Holbrook. Julie and Jessica chronicle their work at kingisafink.com and are active on Twitter, Vimeo, and YouTube.


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