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Peep Show – Interview with Courtney Trouble, Part One

Peep Show – Interview with Courtney Trouble, Part One

Courtney Trouble is an award winning, website juggling, film festival judging, erotic story publishing, album cover gracing, prolific blogging, burlesque dancing, alt queer porn trail blazing pornographer. And an extremely considerate interviewee to boot: this porn cyclone took less than 24 hours to answer the questions we sent to her on the eve of her trip to the Berlin Porn Film Festival.

Last year Courtney went to BPFF and made a movie while she was in town (Who makes a movie while on vacation?); this year she went back as a judge and to enjoy the screening of “Roulette Berlin.” As if we weren’t already in love…

We first learned about Courtney this year at Cinekink Vegas, where we saw a part of “Seven Minutes in Heaven” and got a heads-up about her “Roulette” series. Now it’s YOUR turn to get into Trouble.

Courtney Trouble
Courtney Trouble

KING IS A FINK: You describe yourself as a “queer porn icon.” What does this mean, and can you describe how you got there?

COURTNEY TROUBLE: I am a Queer Porn Icon because I’ve been such a strong force in the genre. I was the first person to call my porn site (NoFauxxx.Com) “queer porn” and have been performing and producing exclusively in “queer porn” content since 2002. I strive as a performer for iconic, classic, and authentic queer scenes and projects – and the movies I make are iconic examples of queer porn and sex in the queer community.

KFINK: You keep your fans updated with dynamic websites, an active blog, and fun Twitterfeed. As an entrepreneur, do you consider it a part of your job to find your fans, or do they find you? And how much bearing do their opinions have on your creative content?

COURTNEY: I keep a strong online presence in order to provide the fans I’ve already got with a personal side of me and my work they might not see through my films, websites or performances. My work is influenced by ideas and requests from fans, as well as discussions about queer sex, gender identity, and fluid sexuality. I consider conversation with my audience as extremely important, a way to keep an open line of communication about what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. That’s why I have such a dynamic website, why I talk about my shoots on my blog, and why I keep my twitter and facebook personal, friendly, and informative.

KFINK: Obviously indie films, including porn, don’t have access to the same high-end equipment as big studio projects. It seems as though non-porn indie film audiences will forgive less-than-stellar lighting as long as there’s good audio. Does the same rule apply to indie porn? Or are the visuals more important than the sounds?

COURTNEY: Obviously you must have seen some of my films! I don’t always get to use the best lighting or sound equipment because of my indie/DIY methods of production. For me, what’s MOST important is that the scene is fabulous, the sex is real, the chemistry is higher than the sky – and if some technical aspects fall by the wayside to achieve that – oh well. It’s better than stellar technicals for a shitty, boring scene.

KFINK: On your landing page for “Roulette Dirty South,” you have a synopsis of the movie, a trailer, pics of some sexy scenes…and then some of the sweetest images of actors kissing we’ve ever seen on a porn site. What’s your angle, Trouble?

COURTNEY: If you notice, all the covers of the Roulette series are of folks kissing, and it’s intentional. It shows the pure chemistry, romance, and sexual intensity between my performers that I strive for. But don’t let the covers fool you – the sex in my films is extremely hardcore! (You know you wanna check out her movies…)

"Roulette Dirty South"
“Roulette Dirty South”

KFINK: We saw part of your “Seven Minutes in Heaven” series at Cinekink Vegas. The girl-girl scene that ended up in a bathtub and required some interesting positioning. We also seem to remember some righteous jackets. How important is setting and costuming for indie porn?

COURTNEY: Ah, you’re talking about two of my favorites – Tina Horn and Carson! They are friends in real life and amazingly enough, both wore those jackets to set. They thought it would be fun to have a little tomboy femme fuck-off, and of course we ended up in the bathroom – that always seems to happen to me.

I like to go with what’s in front of me as far as costuming and setting goes. I think shooting people in their own homes, or a queer household, etc. is important. I also like to use the performer’s own style as inspiration. Showing each performer’s personality and sexuality is a huge part of what makes queer porn different and special.


Ready for more Trouble? In the second half of our interview with Courtney, we’ll show you where she’s at with QueerPornTV, whether or not we can tempt her to sell out, and if she’s up for getting matching tats with us. (Yes, we’re taking suggestions.)

Extra time to kill? Catch up on past PEEP SHOW interviews, or check out our pumped up Kfink website!


KingIsAFink Jessica King grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and eventually moved to the city via China; country mouse Julie Keck entered Chicago via Jessica. Their first films were inspired by inside jokes and made primarily to tickle the fancies of their closest friends. In subsequent films they explored the exquisite embarrassment associated with living. King and Keck’s most recent efforts, Anxiety Acres and Libidoland, showcase characters venturing out of their comfort zones and flailing in the quicksand of their own imaginations. In addition to producing ultra-low budget films, Jessica and Julie write short and feature length screenplays in a variety of genres. Their primary goal: to tell stories that are at once familiar, uncomfortable, demented, and exhilarating. They’re currently working on a movie dramatic thriller called TILT with Minnesota director Phil Holbrook. Julie and Jessica chronicle their work at kingisafink.com and are active on Twitter, Vimeo, and YouTube.


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