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Pappy’s World 7.3

Pappy’s World 7.3

Pappy’s World follows a sinister doll intent on stalking down a war veteran. A young girl discovers Pappy at the very top of the Christmas gift pile, but when she unwraps his box she unleashes a doll bent on destruction and pain.

I still feel a little unnerved by this film. Pappy is indeed a creepy and sinister character, and his behavior during the film ensures you won’t look at other dolls in the same way again. Set during the Christmas season, with flashbacks and disturbing behavior from the doll, Pappy’s World seems to reach into the darkness and present you with a spine-chilling tale.

I think the direction and style of this movie are fantastic, and it produces a really sleek finish from beginning to end. The music within the movie offers a creepy and relentless vibe, and I certainly felt uncomfortable as I watched Pappy hunt down his prey.

The performances were quite cheesy and in keeping with regular horror movies, but the dialogue felt lacking somewhat. I wasn’t really sure what the overall point was during the story, and the final word from the girl/Pappy was lost on me, possibly because of the editing process.

I think the effects, puppetry, and overall finish are extremely professional, especially for a low budget film. The horror side of the movie certainly left me feeling uncomfortable, but I didn’t gain much comedy from it. It felt almost… sinister in its message and attempt at humor.

Overall I felt unnerved by this short film and I think that’s exactly what it intends to do.


Pappy's World Review


SYNOPSIS - A girl in post-racial America gets a killer doll for Christmas.

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