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Oxford Film Festival 2019 Interview with Sean Pettis


FilmSnobbery host Nic LaRue sits down briefly with filmmaker Sean Pettis to chat about his new short film SAD HOUR. They talk about his method of using actors instead of puppets in stop-motion photography, how he handles film festivals and lets us know where people can learn more about his films.

SAD HOUR Synopsis –
Like many, Mildew’s allergic to happiness, which is why he’ll spend the next hour safely tucked away at his least favorite tavern.


Nic LaRue Nic LaRue is the owner of FilmSnobbery, is an advocate and passionate speaker for indie film, a film reviewer, and the host of the web broadcast series FilmSnobbery Live! Nic also offers his services as an independent film consultant whose passion is giving a voice to independent content creators.


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