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Orlando Film Festival 2010 Interview With Heather Henson, Marsian, and Sean Keohane


Heather Henson,

IBEX Youtube Channel:

Panther and Crane Trailer:

IBEX Puppetry Facebook Page:

About Handmade Puppet Dreams:
Heather Henson introduces independent filmmakers and puppeteers who explore their craft specifically for the camera in this handpicked selection of puppet film shorts. HMPD showcases the fresh voices of independent puppeteers who embrace film as their medium for individual expressions, to build their visions, and breathe life into their dreams, while exploring a spectrum of live-action puppetry styles. Since 2005, HMPD has been screened nationally, where it received a “UNIMA Citation of Excellence”, and internationally in France, the Czech Republic, India, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Israel, and Prague, where it was awarded “The Best Puppet Film” at The World Puppet Festival.

Handmade Puppet Dreams Website:

About IBEX Puppetry:
Heather Henson’s IBEX Puppetry is an entertainment company dedicated to promoting the fine art of puppetry in all of its various mediums, nurturing work for a myriad of venues including stage, cinema, and gallery. IBEX projects include Handmade Puppet Dreams, The Puppet Slam Network, The Orlando Puppet Festival, and environmental spectacles.

About Heather Henson:
In Year 2000, Heather Henson conceived and created a multi platform production company that would make an immediate impression by quickly establishing the uniqueness of her productions, the scope of her imagination and the sheer veracity of her creativity. Named IBEX Puppetry, Heather’s use of full sensory, non-traditional storytelling provided audiences a transformative experience that included a myriad of disciplines that embraced: film, stage, puppetry, interactive presentations, puppet design and building, projections, gallery shows, sound and light illuminations. Entertaining audiences throughout the United States, Europe, and Canada, Heather’s training as a conceptual artist, a strong background in animation, illustration and with a personal interest in health and healing and the caring of the planet, it’s no wonder that the daughter of Jim Henson would follow in his footsteps and want to make the world a better place.

Marsian – Puppet Slam Network
[email protected]

Puppet Slam Network Website:
Puppet Slam Network

About Puppet Slam Network:
Underground puppet slams are popping up everywhere. They feature contemporary short-form puppet and object theater for adult audiences, often late at night in small venues, nightclubs and art spaces. Puppet Slams exist at the nexus of vaudeville, burlesque, and performance art through the intersection of experimental theater, art, music and dance as a viable alternative to the culturally homogeneous digital mass media. Spearheaded by IBEX Puppetry, The Puppet Slam Network aims to catalogue, connect, support and raise awareness for the Puppet Slam Nation. The Puppet Slam Network fosters connections in the growing field of independently produced puppet slams, cabarets, and showcases, so that puppet artists know where they can perform, venues can find puppet artists, and audiences can enjoy this intimate, tactile and compelling form of entertainment.

Puppet Slam Network Facebook Photos:

Bride of Wildenstein – The Musical:
Bride of Wildenstein – The Musical, is a solo performance, which straddles puppetry and burlesque. In Bride of Wildenstein, an aging socialite grows fur and claws to recapture the attention of her philandering game hunter husband. Bride of Wildenstein is a weird and tragic love story that examines the making of a monstrosity through one woman’s personal struggle, and the loss of her sense of self. As her marriage dissolves, she begins to reinvent herself through drastic measures – surgical procedures to become more feline, which only further heighten her sense of estrangement. Although, the heroine’s story is loosely inspired by tabloid accounts of the real-life “cat woman”, Jocelyn Wildenstein, the piece remains a work of fiction. In it, I hope to gently turn the abrasive glare of the mirror onto the face of the audience and pose the question, Have you ever gone too far for love?

Bride of Wildenstein Website:

Bride of Wildenstein Photos:

Growing Up Linda:
Enter the off-kilter world of Linda Carvel, fictitious daughter of a famed New York ice cream mogul. Add a heavy dollop of puppet tragicomedy, a sprinkle of kitsch- surrealism and the result is more than the recommended daily allowance of weird

Growing Up Linda Website:

Growing Up Linda Photos:




Sean Keohane – Orlando Puppet Festival

Orlando Puppet Festival
This annual festival traditionally takes place in the fall and features a mix of live theatrical performances as well as film, gallery, and puppet slam events, geared variously towards either adult or family audiences. Conceived in 2005 to foster community interest in the art of puppetry,OPF has evolved from a weekend-long festival to a multi-venue, month-long series of puppetry-related happenings that bring local, national, and internationally recognized artists from around the world to Central Florida.

Orlando Puppet Festival Website:

Festival Overview Note:

Orlando Puppet Festival Photo Album:

OPF Event Invites:

Crime & Puppetment:

Bird Machine:

My Dear Lewis:


The Kid Inside:

Puppets from the Edge:

Jack and the Beanstalk & Little Red Ridinghood

The Ugly Duckling:

The Barnyard Jam:


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