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ON THE BRIDGE is a short film from 2010 directed by Joe Barajas and written by Scott Cannon. This piece attempts to address issues of prostitution and the treatment of prostitutes, focusing particularly upon a twenty year old girl called Gina who is fed up of being degraded and humiliated, which leads to her considering suicide.

Let’s start with this film’s single good point: I only had to tolerate twelve minutes of it. The opening section features several unstable shots of a bridge, which are broken up by the individual opening credits. The music that accompanies this sequence is some kind of angelic and spiritual choir song that, in my opinion, sets completely the wrong tone for the film’s opening. The first shot of the movie is a badly executed descending jib shot that follows a car as it pulls into a hotel parking lot. This is accompanied by a jerky panning shot, which, like many of the shots in this film, looks as if it has been recorded on a bus that was forced to make a sudden emergency stop. It seems as if the cameraman is almost struggling to keep up with the actors, which causes the overall product seem disorganized and amateurish. Although shaky, handheld shots do often contribute a sense of realism and rawness to a film, I hardly feel as if this was an intentional effect planned by the filmmakers.

The editing is poor; resulting in most cuts being badly timed and occurring too soon. The result is inconsistent sound, dialogue that ends abruptly and scenes that are disjointed and distracting from the story. If you can call it a story. The poor technical execution also makes the acting look even worse that it probably already was. The badly placed camera and lighting result in shots that are either awfully composed or almost completely backlit, which causes the actors to become merely silhouettes. The rough, aimless zooms also give this film the feel of bad a home movie. There are a couple of other jib shots towards the middle that add a small touch of sophistication, but they don’t seem to serve much purpose and the dramatic music during the final scene adds quite a bit of wasted tension to the film’s anticlimactic ending. The make up effects look so deliberate and artificial that I wouldn’t be surprised if they had been created using a children’s Halloween face paint kit.




FILM SYNOPSIS - Gina is a young prostitue ready to chage her ways. Her pemp/boyfriend Larry however has other plans. Can she change his mind and start over? Can she survive the events that unfold On The Bridge?

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