My Pet Dinosaur


My Pet Dinosaur follows the story of a teenage boy who ‘creates’ a dinosaur in his very own bedroom. Jake is living his teenage years out in a very troubled town and without his father around he feels disconnected from the world. With chemical waste and cancer as a focal point of the communities woes, Jake’s creation is only another addition to the chaos that ensues.

My Pet Dinosaur is described as ‘Jurassic Park meets ET’ but this couldn’t be further from the truth. It has it’s fun and interesting elements, as well as discussion points (chemical waste, cancer, family loss, respect for one another, animal cruelty and so on…) but it has no stomach flipping mesmerizing moments.

The actors put in 100% but the execution feels weak and cheesy. Several interactions between the characters feel fake and flawed, which is a real shame because you can tell they’re trying their best to make you a part of their story.

The graphics are questionable, and I found myself comparing it to films like Jurassic World and Okja. It all feels a little too far fetched and fake, unlike its stunning and heart-wrenching counterparts.

That being said, both children sat through it without fuss or boredom. They asked questions, talked about the storyline, felt anger and sadness during the darker scenes and generally enjoyed it.

I really like the concept, and the scene with the chemical mixture creating the dinosaur on the desk reminded me very much of Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories (you know the one, right?!). But yet again, this comparison only led me to think more unfavorably of My Pet Dinosaur.

This movie is great for some light-hearted family viewing, but I certainly won’t be adding it to my Christmas list.


My Pet Dinosaur Review


SYNOPSIS: A troubled town is plunged into chaos when a boy accidentally makes a new friend.

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