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Mother’s Day


Nico Raineau‘s new short film MOTHER’S DAY (available to watch in its entirety above), is co-written by and stars Lauren Schacher as Mara, a club-stamped, chain smoking young lady who wakes up in a stranger’s bed after a one-night stand to find that she agreed to watch the man’s six year old son Brandon for the day.  Mara, not exactly child friendly, reluctantly takes Brandon with her while she tracks down her car, and heads to her job as a cleaning lady and babysitter for an upper-class family.  It’s clear that Mara has had days similar to this before, arriving two hours late to her job and almost fired by her boss.  Over the course of the film, Mara interacts more with the children, learns a bit about taking care of and being responsible for others, that ultimately leads her to take more responsibility for herself.

Lauren’s character Mara has a couple of quirks that really round her out and add some realism.  First, she deals with her one night stand’s kid Brandon (Robert Carbo) like a lot of adults without children deal with them.  She doesn’t hold back from cursing, smoking, or even modestly changing in front of the kid.  He’s just another inconvenience to her day and she’s going to power through like she always does.  She also makes logical choices for her character.  She might be irresponsible, but she’s not heartless enough to leave the child alone all day.  She takes Brandon with her to work, making sure, initially, to hide Brandon from her boss so she won’t get in trouble any more than she already is.  When Brandon is eventually discovered, it’s by the homeowner’s daughter, and Brandon and she play most of the day while Mara cleans and looks after them, taking to pseudo-motherhood easily.

By the end of the film, the club stamps are gone, and Mara has a newfound respect for herself and the person she wants to be versus the person she currently is.  The audience doesn’t get an opportunity to see what happens next, which is a shame really, because Raineau and Schacher have crafted a very well put together character piece that definitely warrants a follow up.

The movie moves briskly along for a 22 minute short.  There’s some consistency to how the movie sounds, despite both indoor and outdoor scenes, and the lighting and camerawork is competent as well.  If you’re looking to kill less than a half hour this is definitely a film that look better than, and carries a story better than most network television shows or YouTube serials.




FILM SYNOPSIS - A hapless woman wakes up after a one-night stand and finds herself having to care for the man's 6-year-old son.

Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 9

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