Let’s Leave The Planet

Everyone loves a good stoner comedy. LET’S LEAVE THE PLANET, directed by Chelsea Bryn Lockie and written by Michael Lamarra and Julia Rae Maldonado tells the story of Tara and Andy. One night, while listening to a presidential address on the radio, Andy reveals to Tara that he’s an alien. Tara, in between bong rips, doesn’t believe Andy at first and laughs it off.

After a little convincing, and a good amount of wigging out, Andy tries to get Tara to leave the planet with him.

Is the whole thing a hallucination brought on by too much weed? Does Andy know something about the future of Earth that Tara doesn’t? This short film leaves a few questions unanswered but does succeed in wrapping up in a tidy seven-ish minutes.

The couple of special effects that are apparent are don’t pretty well (not looking at ILM level here, but for an indie short, it works).

The two actors have good chemistry and sell that they could be a couple that have been together for at least a short time.

LET’S LEAVE THE PLANET has a small amount of political commentary buried in the script, and it’s not exactly wrong about the position that the US, and the world in general is currently in.

If aliens were on the planet, they probably would want to get out of Dodge before the other shoe dropped.

Let’s Leave The Planet
Let's Leave the Planet! | November 11, 2021 (United States) Summary: Tara is a bored stoner without much going for her until her boyfriend Andy tells her that he's an alien and they should leave earth ASAP. Is he just messing with her...?
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English

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