I Know What You Need

I KNOW WHAT YOU NEED is a new Stephen King inspired short film directed by Julia Marchese (OUT OF PRINT). In fact, the story is adapted from one of King’s “Dollar Baby” tales which filmmakers can license and create films from (under the express condition that no profit is generated from them). Under this condition, it’s likely that the best place to see this movie is at your local film festival if it’s playing there.

The movie starts with a young college girl, Elizabeth Rogan (Caroline Renee) studying in a sprawling library at the University of Maine when suddenly she is confronted by an odd boy with mismatched socks claiming, “I know what you need”.

The two form an instant attachment, but there’s one complication. Elizabeth has a boyfriend. But that problem is rectified in due time, and Elizabeth and her odd ice-cream-bearing beau Edward Jackson Hamner Jr. (William Champion) soon rekindle their friendship.

What happens next is up to you to find out, and it’s definitely worth the inconvenience of having to scrounge for this soon-to-be hidden treasure. Definitely try to see it in a theater setting if you can. The 70’s inspired period clothing, soundtrack, and cinematography make it a perfect throwback-style movie to lose yourself in while digging through a half-empty popcorn bucket in the dark.

There is a lot to enjoy in I KNOW WHAT YOU NEED. The performances are solid throughout, and the adaptation of King’s material is handled easily by lifelong King fan and director Marchese. The soundtrack is one of the best I’ve heard this year, composed by Peter Marchese.

For a so-called short film, the 45-minute runtime doesn’t feel as like it. In fact, if I had one complaint about I KNOW WHAT YOU NEED, it’s that the pacing is actually a little too fast to effectively drive up the tension that a movie like this is capable of.

The movie looks and sounds far better than the crowdfunded budget Julia Marchese and her team used to create it. Filming a period piece is rarely cheap, and what Julia was able to accomplish with her time on-location in Maine is impressive.

Bottom line, check it out. If you miss it on the festival circuit, then keep an eye out for it on YouTube or another platform (keep in mind, it can’t make any money, so that means a lot of the mainstream streamers are going to be hands-off with a project like this).

I Know What You Need
I Know What You Need | July 13, 2023 (United States) Summary: In 1976 on the University of Maine campus, Elizabeth Rogan is studying in the library when an odd boy comes up to her and says "I Know What You Need" - and he does. But how does he know? It'... Read all
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