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Two gay men, who happen to also be celebrities, wake up married in Vegas and decide to make a go of it for the sake of “the community” in this ridiculously funny web series directed by Jeff Greenstein (Desperate Housewives) and co-written and co-produced by Jane Espenson (Caprica, Torchwood: Miracle Day, Once Upon A Time). Whether gay or straight you can’t help but laugh and fall in love with the antics of Brad “Cheeks” Bell (also co-writer and co-producer) and Sean Hemeon (Bloomers). With witty writing, high production value, and spot on humor, HUSBANDS has been enough of a hit to be recently picked up by the CW SEED, the online television component to the CW network.

There are some great guest stars in HUSBANDS ranging from geek favs Joss Whedon and Amy Acker to Alessandra Torresani (Caprica) who plays the best friend to the two leads. It’s great to see a web series like this have so much mainstream appeal and they’ve garnered tons of support from their fans in the form of their Kickstarter campaign for season two of their show raising over $60,000. Obviously the case can be made that the celeb factor of industry pros like Espenson and star-studded cameos are the reason why this series is so popular, but apart from that it just showcases good storytelling in general that many short-form content creators just can’t seem to get their heads around.

Seasons one and two of HUSBANDS were particularly hilarious as they introduced the characters of Brady (Hemeon) and Cheeks (played by, well…Cheeks). Season three has just started airing on the CW SEED network and it seems to be taking a little more time to ramp up than its previous seasons. But after the fantastic first two seasons, I’m willing to give season three time to grow into its own.

HUSBANDS does occasionally have it’s own set of problems. Torresani’s part is played a little too over-the-top, and the one-liners can sometimes fall flat. The concept of HUSBANDS, unless the writing can continue to stay fresh, has the potential to overstay its welcome with their audience. Hopefully they can use current topical issues and not just rely on celebrity friends (not that we don’t enjoy seeing familiar faces like Emma Caulfield and Amber Benson popping up every so often) to carry the show into seasons four or five. Overall the production design works well and the sound is crisp; no complaints there.

There’s no question of the talent behind HUSBANDS, and hopefully they continue to grow their audience on the fledgling CW SEED channel. It’s good to see any content out there that embraces the LGBT culture, their stereotypes, and their issues while still keeping an open mind to a wider audience. With any luck we’ll get more seasons in the future and see how these interesting characters develop, and also see if the writing continues to stay as strong as it has been.

New Episodes NOW LIVE @ http://cwseed.com/shows/husbands


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