Flat Earther

Filmmaker Brian James Crewe has had some fantastic luck with his output of shorts over the years, and his latest movie, FLAT EARTHER continues his trend as one of the most competent indie filmmakers working today.

With a runtime around ten minutes, FLAT EARTHER is a quick watch with charming characters and a tight script.  The dialogue between the two main characters felt a little stilted, but somewhat expected considering the first-date nature of their encounter.  In a very short period of time, this film tries to say a lot about our current digitally obsessed culture and remarks upon how that obsession with technology can make things feel cold and distant.  The conversation then turns to vastly debunked conspiracy theories which include the titular flat earther folks, and even delves into some headier topics like the Tuskegee experiments before finally getting into the main topic, which is so highly relevant today, mass shootings.  It is interesting the way the writers in this piece chose their topics of what their main characters believe and don’t believe in and did a great job showing some of the ways and lengths people will go to justify their beliefs. FLAT EARTHER delivers a conversation that I feel many people have had in the past few years with their friends and family, and is sure to raise your blood pressure a notch or two.  The movie delivers a great gut punch at the end to drive the film’s point home.

The main setting, a restaurant is filled with people and light.  It has great production value and feels alive in a way that many filmmakers aren’t able to accomplish on a small budget.  Crewe and co. deliver a reality that actually FEELS real, which is something he accomplishes in his other short films with aplomb as well.

The movie is really a simple two-hander so it’s hard to judge it by more than the dialogue, delivery, and setting.  The movie is shot and lit well, and the sound is polished.

Flat Earther

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