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FilmSnobbery Weekly Radio Show – Episode 5

FilmSnobbery Weekly Radio Show – Episode 5

Tonight on our show we’re speaking at length (over 2 hours!) with filmmaker Philip Brubaker about his career as a video essayist both independently and for the now-defunct Fandor.  We delve into the topics of film preservation, curation, and the drawbacks and benefits of physical vs digital media.  We chat about the de-valuation of film, the loss of meaning to the audience, and why many of the current online sites are missing the mark with their audiences, and how it hurts filmmakers in the long run.  We also talk about the demise of the Fandor streaming service and dive deep into the FilmSnobbery archives for some old clips from past shows.  If you listen to one podcast about film today, make it this one!

Check out Philip’s video essays here:  https://vimeo.com/album/5085524

Here is another great resource for video essays on the web:  http://www.filmscalpel.com

We also referenced a great Washington Post article in this episode, check it out here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2018/12/03/filmstrucks-demise-could-be-good-movies/?utm_term=.64219e51b8f2 


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Nic LaRue Nic LaRue is the owner of FilmSnobbery, is an advocate and passionate speaker for indie film, a film reviewer, and the host of the web broadcast series FilmSnobbery Live! Nic also offers his services as an independent film consultant whose passion is giving a voice to independent content creators.


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