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FilmSnobbery Podcast – Episode 10


After a couple weeks of downtime to digest from the Thanksgiving holiday, co-host Devin Watson and host Nic LaRue are back with another fun episode covering the recently released official feature selections of the Sundance and Slamdance film festivals to be held in Park City, Utah in the late December.  They converse on the differences of the two fests, how Sundance tends to be more reactive in their inclusion of diverse films and filmmakers, while Slamdance has had a track record of including new voices from the start.

They also talk about the news of how IFC went behind the MPAA’s back with their new film, “The House That Jack Built”, and screened the unrated version without obtaining a waiver first.  They wax on how broken the MPAA system actually is, and also who’s job it might be on the starship Enterprise to clean up the holodeck after someone spends a little “me time” in there.

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Nic LaRue Nic LaRue is the owner of FilmSnobbery, is an advocate and passionate speaker for indie film, a film reviewer, and the host of the web broadcast series FilmSnobbery Live! Nic also offers his services as an independent film consultant whose passion is giving a voice to independent content creators.


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